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 Post subject: GNU RPGE
PostPosted: 16 May 2017 11:16 

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GNU RPGE is a Role Playing Game Engine developed by Remco Bras and Micheal DeLang. Its 3rd micro-release was made available by Sebastien Diaz.
It is one of the few game source code packages that is developed using C and Guile's dialect of Scheme (Lisp).
The code was abandoned during 2009. The developers left behind the bare basics that teach how to combine C with Guile, how to use a build-system, and how to write documentation.

GNU RPGE is (at present) somewhat like "GNU Hello". It does not yet do anything fun or useful, but exposes what the beginning of a project looks like in a modest way.

Since Guile Scheme is one of my favorite programming tools I've decided to play around with it and compare it with C code in GNU Freedink, which is also written in C and looks easy to modify or split into Guile extentions for use in the Guile module system.

But there is an example of software freedom at work. Anyone can adopt code and start learning, and form new ideas using code that seems to have no active maintainer.

In a few years, with persistent effort, this might form a highly configurable game world for easy experimentation and extension.
Or not.

What makes Guile's implementation of Lisp useful for developing games is its specific design for the sort of experimentation needed early in a design or re-design phase of coding.
Lua and LuaJit arguably provide a tool more suited to game development, but I've been using Guile for so long that alternatives seem not worth the while.

GNU Freedink saves game state by dumping a struct into a DAT file. Why not try integrating SQLite and using something safer?

I really like C and machine efficiency, the problem is making "safe" programs in those. A C program can not be trusted unless it is running in a container where an attacker would be unable to do more harm than the container allows. As was mentioned in a recent news post at the Guix project.

There's not much else to write about. I hope this entry will liven up the forums by inviting more to the subject matter.

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