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 Post subject: HOPE DIES LAST!
PostPosted: 13 Aug 2017 09:42 

Joined: 20 Sep 2012 17:09
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With hope i'm waiting for the TMW server to return!

Best game i ever play :)

anyone with me?

 Post subject: Re: HOPE DIES LAST!
PostPosted: 09 Oct 2017 10:16 

Joined: 27 Feb 2009 18:14
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podaj123, I don't know...
Administrator Platyna does not have the money or willingness to manage an isolated TMW instance.
Since I am banned from, I am interested in developing GFX&SFX for a different story using the ManaPlus && HerculesWS framework otherwise pygame or LoVE framework borrowing code from those, or even a Web/ECMA-script game like ManaPortal seemed to be attempting.

But I want what is best for Platyna since the hosting is entirely at her expense.
Recently I had been looking through source code of a github project called "OpenKore" it could be hacked up into a test client for HerculesWS if the protocol is close enough. But I would rather do something original.

I like how RO added the Doram update. I had to boot Windows 10 to use their client (Their client will work in WINE if you copy C:\Gravity\... over to ~/.drive_c/ on a recent GNU/Linux distro)

Yeah, so now I have paid premium access to 2 RO (RE:Start and standard Chaos+Thor) which was not cheap, and not fun because it is flooded with bots selling zeny for IRL money. Nearly every map of RO, especially "Odin" server, is filled to the brim with bots like flies all over poo.

I would rather pay to work on a GPL-compatable game with better capabilities than RO not requiring Windslows or WINE.
Ragnarok is fun, but it is immutable... The world is static. Everything is set in stone. The binary is so ancient that they ask for users to run it in "XP Compatibility Mode" because W7..10 are too much of an app-era nightmare and their "overseas partners" (read Korea) put restrictions on nationality. Russia, China, and many other parts of the world simply have no RO for their region. The Phillipino RO had been ripping players off. It says a lot about the sleazy game industry and the tyranny of non-free software.

Since Platyna has not the resources to host a TMW instance of 200+ players, Tell the .Org team to unban me.
All I did was ask for v*agra and call wushin a n*gger which was painted as a "very serious offence" not so serious as the fact wushin only allows sexually deranged people on the development team.

For the time being I shall work on my own project that is much better than TMW and RO, and cooler than the lame "hacker" community of mentally unstable geeks.

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